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Cite as: Morris, Gregory L. and Fan, Jiahua. 1998. Reservoir Sedimentation Handbook, McGraw-Hill Book Co., New York.

Gregory Morris


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Since 1974 Dr. Morris has worked and lectured internationally as a consultant in the fields of environmental engineering, hydraulics, hydrology and reservoir management, with experience in over 30 countries on 5 continents.

His engineering practice includes work on a wide variety of sediment management issues in reservoirs of all sizes and hydropower plants from 4 to 4888 MW capacity. Consulting activities for dams and reservoirs undertaken include:

  • Site selection and assessment, environmental and permitting studies
  • Bathymetric studies, sediment and water quality sampling
  • Numerical modeling of reservoir hydrology (water supply and power generation), flood routing, dambreak, sediment transport
  • Development of sustainable management strategies for both existing and new reservoirs including log-term (100+ year) numerical simulations to test management alternatives.

He has led engineering teams for the design and construction of offstream reservoirs in Puerto Rico and has served as an expert witness in international arbitration at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, The Hague.

He has co-authored 2 books, both available here and multiple professional papers a few of which are available here.

He has consistently sought to achieve engineering objectives while minimizing environmental impacts to fluvial environments.

Jiahua Fan

  • 1945 BS C.E., National Chongqing Univ.
  • 1945-1955 Assistant Research Engineer
    Central Institute of Hydraulic Research
  • 1956-1987 Engineer, Senior Engineer, Professor (now retired) of the China Institute of Water Resources and
    Hydropower Research, Beijing.


Within two years of its construction, severe sedimentation problems were evident at Sanmenxia reservoir on China’s Yellow River. During 1956-65 Prof. Fan performed studies related to sediment management at Sanmenxia reservoir, which became the pioneering site for sediment management in large reservoirs.

During 1980-85 and 1994-96 he investigated methods of preserving reservoir storage capacity for IHP, UNESCO and USFERC projects. From 1956 to present he has given particular emphasis to the study of turbid density currents in reservoirs, guide channels entering navigational locks, and settling basins. Prof. Fan continues to write research papers.

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